Technology has had a great impact on us for the past decade or so - in our personal lives, at work, ranging from computers to mobile devices. We now have access to tools that help us communicate, collaborate and work better than ever before.

Here’s a list of apps and web tools that will save you time and become more productive at home or in your workplace.

1. Evernote - The app that remembers everything for you

All your thoughts, ideas and inspirations in one searchable place. Create simple to-do lists or implement more advanced task management systems like GTD. Collect ideas and clip articles with Evernote’s web clipper. Get the premium version for added features such as searching in images and office documents.


2. - Manage all your subscriptions in one place has two main features:

  • The Rollup organizes all the subscriptions you like and combines them in a daily digest email. Choose the time you want to receive your Rollup, whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or at night

  • Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and sites - great for keeping your inbox junk-free

3. Scannable - The only app you’ll ever need to go paperless

Scannable captures any form of paper (receipts, business cards, documents, etc…) and create a high-quality scan which is cropped and enhanced. Save or share documents on the move. (Only available for iOS devices)


4. IF (Formerly IFTTT) - Automate boring web tasks

Create recipes (connection between apps) that run in the background. An example would be if someone tags you on Facebook, upload the picture to your Dropbox account.


5. Dropbox - Your files in the cloud

Store your files securely and access them anywhere. Dropbox keeps all your files in sync between all your devices. You can also collaborate with other people using shared folders.


6. Canva - Become an instant designer

Search through millions of pictures and get creative without any design knowledge. Turn your ideas into awesome design. You can create presentations, Facebook covers, posters and even resumes with Canva.


7. Hemingway Editor - Makes you write bold and clear

The main purpose of this app is to improve the readability of your writings. It will highlight common problems such as:

  • complex words or phrases
  • long sentences
  • too many adverbs
  • use of passive voice in phrases

Hemmingway App

8. Trello - Organize, Plan and collaborate with your team

One of the best project management tool out there. Create boards, fill them with cards and collaborate with your team. Tasks in Trello can have labels, comments, attachments, due dates, and checklists.


9. Pocket - Save for later, view when ready

Save any articles, images or videos to pocket if you don’t have time to check them right away. View them later on any devices, even offline.


10. Slack - A messaging app for teams

Create channels to communicate with your team or direct message a particular team member. Everything from notifications, attachments, and messages are searchable.


Image credits: All images have been taken from their respective sites.